'Revealed/Concealed/Exposed/Enclosed ' attempts to deal with the frustrations of feeling invisible.
It is an ongoing project exploring abstracting and revealing the body. 
Using various media to reveal the form including light, paint, video and performance.
Aiming to untangle, understand and enlighten others on how expressing one's self might not always be easy.
Hoping to gradually move toward light and out of the darkness.
Mentour: Sonia Boue
Projection Video: Naomi Morris
Music : James Telford, Naomi Morris
Interactive sound: Neil C Smith
  Lighting : Hugh Pryor
Photography : Stu Allsopp, Hugh Pryor, Ana Barbour
Video documentation: Ryan Quarterman, Hugh Pryor
Funding and Support:
Arts at the Old Fire Station
Film Oxford
Magdalen Road Studios
Oxford Dance Forum 
Arts Council England
Much of this work was developed during an summer residency at OVADA in 2016, the Evolution Award from Oxford Dance Forum, an online residency in 2018 with Digital Artist Residency as part of 'Failure in Chrome' which was more widely part of 'The Wrong Biennial'and more recently Neither Use Nor Ornament with Webwork's mentour Sonia Boue.
As part of 'Concealed/Revealed/Exposed/Enclosed' I have performance live and streamed performances online. 
I'm an artist speaking in a language of the body, physically, and of images that move digitally.
I use structured improvisation and cameras to create the things I want to say or to make the moving pictures I hold in my imagination.
My work attempts to explain what it is like in my head and more recently, what it is like to feel invisible.
There are a great deal of challenges being an artist and being autistic and these are very real but aren't often easy to identity, especially if you are female. This is because one tends to mask or hide anything which doesn't fit the norm in order to blend in and not appear weird. True identity might be buried under layers and layers on confusion and pretense. 
never ending piercing pain,
thunders through, broken brain,
bitter cold furious wind,
rushes through deep within,
rain that pours and pours and pours,
soaking through every thought.
torn, tattered on the floor,
feeling fraught, forlorn,
fibers frayed unraveling,
eternal decay, wearing thin.
dense grey clouds fog  eyeful sight,
blocking out all sunlight,  
thick darkness seeps through blood,
heavy heart clogged with mud,
rain that falls and falls and falls
flooding whole world,
far beyond shores.

knotted nerves, tangled and taught,
tearing through muscles, feeling overwrought
terrible ache spans limb to limb,
frightful frost beneath skin,
tears that never seem to cease,
streaming constantly down face.
weather-beat and bereft,
feels as though there’s nothing left,
relentless torrents, persist to bruise,
not much left for her to lose.
weather-beat and bereft, feels nothing...

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